Re: DSM: objective source of evidence

Dana Matthew Bennis (
Thu, 05 Apr 2001 22:26:35 -0400

A while back I happened upon one study and article while searching through
the University of Michigan library system for "democratic schools" or some
other search string. I looked for it again and found it and photocopied it
- the article is by Gray and Chanoff, and is entitled "Democratic
Schooling: What Happens to Young People Who Have Charge of Their Own
Education?" It was published in the American Journal of Education in
February 1986, and is specifically about Sudbury graduates. I am sure that
others on this list know more about this and other studies by the authors.


At 02:20 PM 4/5/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Who are they and how do I find their studies ?
>John Axtell
>Dana Matthew Bennis wrote:
>> Laura and others,
>> As Kristin mentioned, Peter Gray, along with David Chanoff, has put out
>> articles and studies on democratic schooling. I believe they have
>> specifically studied Sudbury and its graduates, is that correct?
>> Dana

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