Re: DSM: objective source of evidence

Marko Koskinen (
Thu, 05 Apr 2001 13:05:30 -0400

John Axtell wrote:
> When you have a small sub population as is the case in every SV model
> school the data can only be suggestive. However, if a school was to keep
> track of their graduates it would certainly give a lot more credibility to
> the concept.

I agree. SVS has keepen quite good track of their students and have
published the Legacy of Trust, a quite comprehensive study of the former
SVS students and their lives.

> I also disagree with your conclusion. Most people want to believe but are
> afraid it is too good to be true. I will be doing everything to maintain
> the kind of records that in fifteen years someone can look at what we have
> created and say "it was good" or "what a disaster". If I do not do this
> nothing will have been learned about the concepts we are implementing and
> certainly it will not be easy to market the concept to others.

I believe you're right. I also believe that all people want to believe
in freedom and equality, but because they've been conditioned throughout
their childhood to believe the opposite, it is just too hard a task to
ask for them to do. I don't say it's impossible, but I say we don't have
the resources to do it yet.


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