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John--I can't answer for Kristin or anyone else, but I would point out
both meriwether lewis and darwin spent as much time outdoors as they
could. lewis was a horrible, or should I say, creative speller. but he was
good as what he did. darwin was a notoriously mediocre student, known for
walking outside for hours each day. Again, he was excellent at what he
did. That's what counts, I think. Your son's interests lie outdoors.
Great. if they change later, which they might, great. Marc

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, John Axtell wrote:

> Kristin,
> Thank you for sharing your experiences. If you would answer one more question.
> How was it that as a grade schooler you loved to read? What do you do with a
> child that when you read to them thanks you and goes out to play and never has
> a desire to learn to read for himself? And this goes on for year after year
> until he no longer asks you to read to him as he would simply prefer to spend
> his life outdoors away from books and math.
> John

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