Re: DSM: open building
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 21:20:33 EST

At Sudbury Valley we have no trouble with fire drills, and if there were some
such disaster as a fire, we would feel very good about what happens to the
kids (not the adults maybe!). This is why: in a fire or fire drill
situation, there is a procedure that the staff must follow which insures a
complete sweep of every bit of both buildings. We have a specific way of
doing it that is not dependent on whether specific staff or there or where
they are, just dependent on the fact that we have staff whose first duty is
to hit every nook and cranny and make sure every child is outdoors and
gathered in a specific area. The fire department is always impressed by how
well it works.

(besides, when the fire alarm rings, nobody WANTS to stay in the buildings
listening to it! They get out fast.)

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