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Melissa Bradford (
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 19:16:56 -0600

Hi, Sam.

> >Hi, Bill. Here's my nutshell answer: I believe an additional staff >
> >is
> >to help create, and/or protect, the culture of the school.
> >
> >What does that mean vis-a-vis students? It means modeling the way
> >are done at a Sudbury school.
> >
> I think I disagree with that. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but it
> seems to me that the way things are modeled (at least in my experience)
> by the school meeting, the judicial process, and by the students
> Although, this may be different at a Sudbury School just starting out,
> the students don't so vastly out number the staff.
> -Sam

I don't think of school meeting and judicial process as being capable of
modeling behavior. I think people within those mechanisms model how to use
them. Undoubtedly, that means students, but it also means staff. (Did you
mean to imply that ONLY students model how things are done, and not staff?)

You are right that it is different for a Sudbury school just starting out.
At SVS, there is a strong culture, and it's my impression that new students
catch on to the culture mostly from other students, so I somewhat agree with
you on that point. In a new school, it is not easy to establish a Sudbury
culture, if I may use that expression, because no one is used to operating
in such a system, and, as you said, the students don't so vastly outnumber
the staff, so it is a difficult balance a staff member must strike.

Melissa, LVS

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