DSM: role of staff

Melissa Bradford (mbradford@mediaone.net)
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 09:20:55 -0600

> 3) Now if they do all of #1 and all of their duties in #2, is there still
> more that they are responsible for. Is there some demand on them relative
> the students? Can they be completely themselves or do they adopt some type
> "role" in relationship to the students? Let us assume that mostly they can
> just be themselves and that is, of course, very valuable. But for the rest
> their duties, are they in a "role"?. And then, of course, if you think
> is some part that is a "role", how do you characterize and describe the
> quality of that "role"?
> To kind of rephrase the question: Is there something beyond #1 an #2, and
> so, can you describe it for me?

Hi, Bill. Here's my nutshell answer: I believe an additional staff role is
to help create, and/or protect, the culture of the school.

What does that mean vis-a-vis students? It means modeling the way things
are done at a Sudbury school.

Melissa Bradford, LVS, Joliet, IL

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