Re: DSM: about Sudbury model
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:48:02 EST

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for this:

"the fact a staff member is expressing an opinion as opposed to a student
makes no difference. If that is the case, then it really doesn't matter if a
hypothetical staff member has an agenda he/she is trying to push".

Could you please elaborate on the "role" of staff as you see it?

Here is where I'm stuck:

1) They could be just like students, 'don't bother anyone and follow their
own interests'. They might be valuable members of the community but they
would then be students and would pay and not be paid.

2) So then maybe they do all of #1 and they manage the repairs and utilities
and correspondence. Now thery are a student with a job. They are back to
being paid.

3) Now if they do all of #1 and all of their duties in #2, is there still
more that they are responsible for. Is there some demand on them relative to
the students? Can they be completely themselves or do they adopt some type of
"role" in relationship to the students? Let us assume that mostly they can
just be themselves and that is, of course, very valuable. But for the rest of
their duties, are they in a "role"?. And then, of course, if you think there
is some part that is a "role", how do you characterize and describe the
quality of that "role"?

To kind of rephrase the question: Is there something beyond #1 an #2, and if
so, can you describe it for me?

Thank You

Deep Regard,
Bill Richardson

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