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M & P Bredden (bbs1@iprimus.com.au)
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:09:26 +1000

  Hi Paula,

  Derek recently pointed out your enquiry and asked if I might respond, there is nothing "wrong" with our children, just a system lacking to make change. Below is a letter of support I personally wrote for The Booroobin Sudbury School, when Education Queensland visited to consider if subsidy would be made available to the school. I have my four daughters enrolled, and currently seeking to become staff. So as you may guess I am a strong supporter of The Sudbury School Model. Looking forward to further discussion and meeting you and your family in May.


  My name is Janelle Leong I am writing in support of The Booroobin Sudbury School. I have four children at Booroobin School, with an absolute faith and trust that they alone are their greatest teachers. For too long now we have placed the beliefs within someone or something else and not within those that need it. I went through Catholic School for my primary years then to a well renowned??? Private School for year 8 to 10, I chose to leave and go to a State High School for years 11 and 12, due to the racial pressures and judgement placed on me by not only students but teachers as well. This did not only occur in my senior years but also in primary. I have not one thing against State School Systems (or other private/independent systems), I have seen the pressure and pain that is flowing through all areas, students, teachers and those who are struggling daily to change a system in dier need of new changes. In Education Queenslands 2010 strategy, our Premier thanks those "that took the time to think critically about the nature and purpose of education." then finishes with that he hopes "we can work together just as diligently to bring the vision to life."
  Throughout this vision, I continuously see Booroobin School, it is the vision already here and growing. Looking into Booroobin School is a hefty task, with only two hours to view the workings of our greatest teachers the students and a system that allows them to release their innate ability to learn. We learned to crawl, we learned to walk, we learned the power of speech, and the only necessity was the guidance of an adult who produced an environment in which we felt no pressures or pains to learn. No one judging them or grading how quick or how well they were achieving but just letting them be. Booroobin School is a paradigm shift in Education, a shift that Education Queensland is envisioning for their future. Education Queensland need not view Booroobin School as a threat to an already pressured Education System, but as a much-needed allie.
  To change and accept change is a challenge on its own, Booroobin School will only take on 150 students at its full capacity, in no way will this effect the numbers Education Queensland requires to fulfil their vision, Booroobin School is a new pathway, in an informal setting.
  In closing, to make a vision continue to evolve requires many areas of support, financial being one of them. It is my hope that Education Queensland can view Booroobin School without judgement, but with open eyes and questioning minds to find the answers Education Queensland is already seeking within Booroobin School.

  With great faith





  Janelle Leong

  Parent and mother of four future Australian Independent Citizens.


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