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John Axtell (
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 09:26:30 -0800

Bruce Smith wrote:

> >Most of our lawbooks consist of procedural elements: duties of clerks, the
> structure of School Meeting and Judicial Committee, etc. As for actual
> rules, they basically boil down to just a few:
> 1. Don't bother or endanger people.
> 2. Don't bother or harm property.
> 3. Clean up after yourself.
> Most students have to attend a certain number of hours, serve on and
> testify before JC when asked, and do chores. A fairly minimal set of rules,
> most of the "all I needed to know I learned in kindergarten"type, which
> even the youngest kids recognize as common sense. Well, except perhaps the
> cleaning up after yourself part!
> Bruce
> ----------------


If in fact the above three rules are the only rules that people are brought up
before a JC I have totally misunderstood the nature of the many comments about the

I have no problem with those three rules at all and totally agree with them.

And yes our school is totally fascist and dictatorial (and the dictator was not
elected). I am learning a lot from this group as to how to, by fiat, accomplish
what I want accomplished. I am also getting a lot of ideas from PBS.

You said:
"but rather are granted the
basic human right of sharing in the decisions that affect their lives."

I submit that it is neither a basic human right or a human right at all and that it
must be fought for, earned, and cherished if the right, if once achieved by force
and/or power, is to be retained. In our school it is a right that must be earned.


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