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I certainly have no desire to debate TCS, especially here.
I brought it into the discussion only as a way to explain an issue
that I felt wasn't clear. Then I answered a question or two. I'm
through. If folks wan't info about TCS, there is a far better place
to get it than from me.

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001 04:38:03 , you wrote:

>Hi folks,
>>Indeed, my understanding of the TCS spokespeople is that they believe
>>only in home schooling for their children. Further, a sudbury model
>>school with rules and an expectation that rules are to be complied
>>with is anathema.
>TCS involves non-coercive parenting. If the kid chooses a sudbury model
>school (or a nazi school or whatever) the parent doesn't stop the kid
>(however if the kid chose a "let's go jump off a cliff" school, it's an
>immediate safety issue and the parent'd stop the kid).
>If the parent has strong concerns about the kid's choice, they will likely
>voice those concerns, and since the TCS parent and kid have a wonderful
>loving non-coercive relationship (so I'm told) the kid will likely listen
>and take the parent's concerns into account.
>Conflict in day-to-day living is also sorted out non-coercively, since the
>parent and kid have such love for each other (so I'm told) that they work
>together to find solutions that neither consider to be a compromise.
>TCS living has not extended beyond the family (so I'm told) because this
>love thing is needed.
>Mike, you've probably communicated with more TCS people than me, but the one
>very active TCS spokesperson that I've talked to thinks (I'm pretty sure)
>that the rule of law is a grand idea for relationships not based on love.
>So if TCS people were going to form a day-to-day community (that wasn't a
>big lovefest) my guess is that it'd be similar to a Sudbury school.
>Sudbury schools have rules because the folks involved decide that it's the
>best way for people to be able to do their own thing, a goal that TCS people
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