RE: DSM: about Sudbury model

Joe Jackson (
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 07:28:06 -0500

> your
> suggestions
> > already ARE included in the Sudbury Model to the extent that
> the model can
> > choose them in thousands of big and little ways every day. The only
> > possible difference in what you are suggesting can be in the way you
> > implement your ideas.
> I'm not really sure if I can agree with you. If you agree that all the
> aspects that I've mentioned above in the list are already implemented in
> some Sudbury Schools, then I agree. If not, then I disagree, because I
> think there's a big difference in doing something and having the
> possibility to do something.

Yes! That difference is that a school either CHOSE to do it or someone MADE
them do it.

In SM schools you and I have repeatedly agreed that the choice to do
consensus and mediation is already there, and I continue to tell you over
and over that the only difference you can possibly be suggesting is the
manner in which decision-making and rule-enforcing/conflict-resolution
systems are *implemented*.

Otherwise, if you intend to give your students a choice in the matter, what
you are suggesting already exists in the SM school.


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