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Alan wrote:
> I congratulate you for sticking with us and continuing to put forth and
> clarify your views, even in the face of suggestions that you either don't
> understand democratic schooling and/or that your ideas don't belong on this
> list.

=) Thanks.

> My comments on the two paragraphs of yours that I quote below:
> 1. I do believe that democracy is a vital element of democratic schooling.
> That said, the SM can (and do) certainly decide to handle various matters in
> particular ways, whether that be consensus, delegation to a committee, etc.
> I believe, however, that the final power must be held in the hands of
> EVERYONE (i.e., the SM).

Yes, I agree.

> 2. The only problem I have with your second paragraph is that you single out
> the staff, as versus placing the onus on ALL members of the community. Do
> you believe that rules should be passed which require staff members (but not
> students) to ""fight the norms they find irrational"?

As I don't want any rules, I wouldn't want such a rule either... =) and
I wouldn't want it to be in the guidelines either, I think this should
be totally personal issue.

> Do you believe that
> rules should be passed that requires EVERYONE to ""fight the norms they find
> irrational"?

Nope. =)

> Or are you simply suggesting that fighting norms which one
> finds irrational is one criteria you would use (and maybe encourage others
> to use) in your private evaluation of others' behaviors?

I'm not sure what you mean. Can you give me an example or something.

> Please keep with us and keep posting,

I will =)


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> > I'm not sure if I understand you right here. Are you saying that what
> > I'm suggesting has nothing to do with Sudbury Model and thus shouldn't
> > be discuessed here? If so, I'm very puzzled that what people here (IYO)
> > _should_ be discussing... And I still argue that what I've proposed all
> > can be implemented in a Sudbury Model School without braking the
> > underlying philosophy, unless people see democratic decision making and
> > the JC as essential parts of a Sudbury Model School. But in that case I
> > really have to re-evaluate my thinking about Sudbury Model.
> <snip>
> > The phrases don't have anything to do with the Sudbury
> > Model, but they have a lot to do with people working as staff members
> > and with students there. Sudbury Model schools aren't isolated from the
> > bigger society and the norms of the bigger society find their ways to
> > the Sudbury Model schools. And if the staff doesn't "fight the norms they
> > find irrational, then one aspect of freedom is missing (IMO). And with
> > this I don't mean that the staff members of current Sudbury Model
> > Schools don't fight the norms, of course they do, but I just want to
> > emphasize this aspect because I think it needs to be emphasized.
> >
> > Marko

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