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I think sentiments like this go far and wide. Parents all over the place
want something better but they don't know where to go or what to do. They
can't put their finger on it, but they know that the current system is


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Hi, I joined the list recently hoping to learn as much as I can about
Sudbury schools. This post spark my attention. Greg - I would love to hear
more about your experience at Booroobin Sudbury School. We have recently
booked our children in there to have a 'try out week' in May. (They are so
excited and can hardly wait) We live near Townsville, so the move is a big
deal for us, but hopefully it will pay off for our children.
I really feel public awareness of the Sudbury model of schools needs to be
increased. I was lucky enough to stumble on the Boorboobin Sudbury School
web site. Anyone we talk to about the school has no idea that anything like
this even exists. I felt very helpless in regards to our children's
education before discovering the web site. We have spent years trying to
figure out what was 'wrong' with our children, we had never even gone down
the trail of thought that it was something wrong with the schools and not
our children. Since our eyes have been opened so brilliantly about this, I
have observed so many other parents trying to work out what is 'wrong' with
their problem children, involving trying to find 'labels' for them, many
many hours/weeks/months of special classes on top of the already huge amount
of time in school. It is almost heartbreaking. But as we know personally,
you do the best you can until you learn a better way. I am very grateful we
have been shown a better way, but have wonder if other parents are going to
be lucky enough to stumble across the right information as we have?

Paula B.

> > My name is Greg Dutton and I wish to start an SVS here in
> > Sydney Australia.
> > My venture partner - Mark Virtue and I have visited the only
> > SVS modelled
> > school in Australia (Queenslands Booroobin Sudbury School) 3
> > weeks ago.
> > Their school was very impressive and we anticipate building
> > an alliance with
> > them to share ideas and perhaps resources.
> > We are launching our "Who's interested" night on Monday 23rd
> > April 2001 and
> > are about to order the SVS Planning Kit (just awaiting
> > advice on how to get
> > the videotapes converted to the Australian viewing format -
> > PAL).
> >
> > In the meantime we would be grateful if anyone could advise
> > us how to, or
> > put us in touch with any people you know of, from our
> > region, (Sydney
> > Australia) that may also be interested in an SVS start-up.
> >

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