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John Axtell (
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 18:10:51 -0800

May I ask why anyone who is attending a SVM school such as Marko's should have to
conform to any norms? I thought the whole idea of a SV model is that children
have the freedom to be themselves, how can a child be themselves when constrained
by cultural norms. A democratic model is just a way to have a dictatorship of the
majority if cultural norms are instituted.


Marko Koskinen wrote:

> Joseph wrote:
> > How about leaving people free to choose which norms they consider
> > irrational, and to fight against them if and how they wish? Why should it be
> > the staff's responsibility?
> I admit that it's not an easy and simple question. But as I've said IMO
> everybody's responsible of practically everything. What I want to
> accomplis with my school is to give as much freedom to the young people
> that attend as possible. And because the cultural norms are usually
> pretty strong and usually restrict the freedom of the people in certain
> culture, I consider it rational to stand against all irrational cultural
> norms as much as possible so that the young people could see that
> alternatives are possible and could make those decisions more freely. Of
> course everybody should be free to stand against whatever norms they
> choose to stand against or be free not to. But I just consider this a
> rational way of behavior in order to accomplis as much freedom as
> possible.
> And it's not possible to stand visibly against some of the norms in
> order to keep the school going. For example standing against the sexual
> norms would probably provoce so much opposition that the school would be
> closed. But there are means of reaching for more rational behavior
> amongst a group of people and that is what I'm supposing.
> Marko

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