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Just to let you know, there is a network of Sudbury Model Schools across the
nation, in Europe and the Middle East. Most are not as large or have not
been around as long as our beloved "mother ship", Sudbury Valley School in
Framingham, Mass.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of Sudbury Model schools/startup
groups in your area. Liberty Valley School in Joliet has been around for a
number of years. Recently, many of the folks who were attending Liberty
Valley that were commuting long distances decided to create a new school
about an hour away, which will be called The Chicago Sudbury School.

While it is my understanding that The Chicago Sudbury School has reopened in
their new location in Chicago, Liberty Valley intends to reopen in the fall
and is currently looking for founders as well as new students to participate
in the reopening.

The Chicago Sudbury School:
P. O. Box 577737
Chicago, IL 60657-7737

Liberty Valley School:
P.O. Box 4185
Joliet, IL

I wanted to bring you this information not to suggest or prevent you from
contacting Sudbury Valley School, but just to let you know there is
substantial Sudbury activity very near you right now.

The best of luck,

Joe Jackson
Fairhaven School
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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> Hi everyone! My name is Pooja Agarwal, and I am currently a senior
> at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora, IL
> (www.imsa.edu), a public, three-year residential "high school." I recently
> found information about your school from The Ishmael Community
> (www.ishmael.org). I am a fan of Daniel Quinn and his writings, and was
> surfing his website for information and his thoughts on education. He
> presented some very good points in his book My Ishmael, and was curious to
> learn more. I stumbled upon a brief reference to your school and your
> website, and continuted to surf my way over to www.sudval.org.
> Your school sounds wonderful, and sounds like a place I would love
> to be a part of. I wish I had known about it earlier. I just wanted to
> introduce myself to all of you, as I have (obviously) added myself to your
> discussion email group. If any of you feel uncomfortable having a complete
> stranger reading your thoughts, please let me know, and I will
> unsubscribe. I am just looking to learn more about myself and the
> community around me, and it sounds like this is what your school
> concentrates on.
> Your website mentioned in the section "About Sudbury Valley" that
> you accept "all applicants four years old and up, through and past high
> school age." I am interested in receiving more information about how I can
> become involved with your school, although I am "past high school age,"
> and will be graduating from high school this June. If any of you have any
> information you would like to relay, please let me know.
> Once again, I am very interested in learning more about your
> school, how I can get involved, and all of your thoughts on your school
> and anything else in general. My contact info is below, so please contact
> me if you could tell me more about your school, or anything in general.
> Earnestly,
> Pooja Agarwal
> 1500 W. Sullivan Rd.
> Aurora, IL 60506
> 630.907.5252
> pooja@imsa.edu
> AOL Instant Messenger: shortandososweet

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