statements on consensus (was: Re: DSM: JC)

Martin Wilke (
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 11:23:46 +0100

Bruce Smith schrieb:

> School-sanctioned psychotherapy and forced consensus do *not* fall within
> the model. Sudbury believes in individuals' right to their own thoughts and
> opinions: conflict resolution via psychologizing, and decision-making via
> unanimity, violate this foundation.

A year ago (exactly on Jan 23, 2000) I initiated a debate on "Majority
Rule vs. Consensus". The statements in favor of democracy helped me a
lot to convince some people to abandon the consensus viewpoint and to
adopt the democratic one.

So I'd like to publish those statements (and others that are not from
this list) on a webpage. In fact, through the DSM list archives they are
already accessible, but if you are searching the web for arguments
against consensus they are hard to find, and they are not in German.

So what I want to do by this is to ask the authors (Scott David Gray,
Joe Roach, Cary Brown, David Schneider-Joseph and Joe Jackson) for
permission to publish the translated version.

Martin Wilke


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