RE: DSM: RE: JC and SM

Joe Jackson (
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 15:18:27 -0500

> I guess I'm just against these "community norms". I can't really see any
> basis for them. ALL issues can be considered personal disputes.

Well, I don't think you are against "community norms", no sane person is!
Community norms are what keep human beings from killing one another.
Civilization would not exist without agreed-upon conventions of language and
behavior. The Flemish language is a community norm. Marriage is a
community norm. People not ramming their car into you when you change lanes
is a community norm.

Where it DOES sound like we differ is that it sounds like you prefer
case-by-case enforcement of rights violations wherein the plaintiff is
responsible rather than an agreed upon body like a court or a JC.

We have established that as of right now, School Meetings prefer to decide
upon these norms as a community, and they prefer to elect committees to
assist them by gathering evidence and hearing pleas. Having said that, why
do you think that mediation has not replaced JC and all its permutations
wholesale in any of the schools?

More to the point, would you prefer to live in a society like that, where
there are no police or courts, only "Problem Solvers"?

> And I'm suggesting that all cases except personal disputes are
> unnecessary.

What do you mean? Each case is seen by the school as necessary.
Unnecessary for what?

Joe Jackson

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