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Joe states that the JC focuses on the "results of the problem".
In my mind this should result in as much success as our governments "war on
drugs" where they focus onto he result of the problem and keep putting the
results of the problem in jail. It will never end and I do not think the JC -
embodiment of community limits on individual rights- will do any better.

I disagree with Joe in his opinion of individual "counseling", "conflict
resolution" or whatever you want to call it. I believe that the failure to
address an individual's ability, or lack thereof, to effectively achieve the
results they are after is the key problem in our public schools, and many
private schools.

John Axtell

Joe Jackson wrote:

> Marko,
> Sudbury schools seek to be the antithesis to schools that cultivate such
> dependencies.
> JC (the embodiment of community limits on individual rights) focuses on the
> "results of the problem" just like the limits of not knowing something in
> life impact directly from (and speak to) the results of not knowing it.
> These are the precious real-life experiences that inform the student of
> their limitations and allow them to initiate the discovery of their inner
> self.

> Students should be allowed to develop the internal motivation to overcome
> reasons they are violating the rights of others just as they are allowed to
> develop the internal motivation to learn anything else. While mediation,
> like classes, are excellent tools, they should not be a mandatory element of
> the Sudbury environment.
> Joe Jackson
> Fairhaven School
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