DSM: Re: RE: JC and SM

Connweb\ (walter@connweb.com)
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 07:44:38 -0500

> Third issue is that JC leaves the
> problem solving totally to the "guilty" person. The bad feeling about
> "doing something wrong" isn't enough, but the person will have to deal
> it on his/her own.

In general, I lean toward what Joe was saying, especially when he notes that
problem solving is necessarily an inward process rather than an externally
motivated process. I'm open to Marko's suggestion that there might be a
better alternative to JC, although I don't know what that alternative is.
But I must admit Marko's quote (above) about leaving problem solving to the
guilty party confuses me greatly. Marko, are you actually proposing that
when someone has such a problem that they violate someone else's rights, the
responsibility for solving that problem resides with an outside third party?
If so, how do you reconcile this with your belief that punishment is fear
based ( a belief I think we all share, by the way ) ? Do you actually think
that a third party can come up with an effective, binding, non-fear-based,
non-punishment resolution to someone else's problem without undesirable,
unintended consequences?

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