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No need to apologize, Marko.

However, upon thinking about this (and unsuccessfully trying to elaborate),
I don't feel I can be more clear as to how I define professionalism than I
was in my previous post:

> Being a professional means doing the right thing in less-than-perfect
> situations.


> What I said is that it is a question of priorities. If, in my opinion, it
> is of supreme importance that I treat my grandson with the same love,
> compassion and respect that I do my other grandson, then the opinions I
> cannot help but to have drawn about nature versus nurture are minute by
> comparison.

I'm gonna have to stand pat on that.

Joe Jackson
Fairhaven School

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> > And my response is that the degree to which one's opinions affect their
> > behavior varies according to the level of professionalism of
> the individual
> > taking action. I don't really understand where you're trying to go from
> > here.
> Well, this is the answer I was looking for. I'm just not sure if I
> understand what you mean by professionalism. It sounds like a way to
> choose some beliefs over others, that it's a some kind of "miracle" way
> of doing "the right thing". It may just be that, but I'm very interested
> what that means in practice. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume that
> you see professionalism as an ability to choose between different
> opinions and beliefs in different situations, so it's a kind of
> roleplay?
> It just sounds like professionalism is the opposite of honesty as you
> describe it. And don't ge me wrong here, I'm not issuing any moral
> stance here. I'm not saying that honesty is a good thing in every
> situation. I'm just trying to understand what you're saying and I know
> I'm not making it easy for you to understand me... =)
> This is very unclear thinking... sorry 'bout that.
> Marko

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