Re: DSM: Thank You...
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:06:35 EST


This is Stuart Williams-Ley at Cedarwood Sudbury School in Santa Clara, CA,
responding to Cindy K's question:

<< For those of you with schools, do
> you find that the country setting lures them or sends them away? Are
> there any schools with no space for the kids and how well have they
> done? >>

Cedarwood is located in an urban, middle-class residential area, a couple of
blocks from a main commercial street. We have chosen a location that is
relatively central rather than a rural location that would be distant from
many of our families. For some of us, the choice is a reluctant one, as we
would love to have better access to nature. However, even without creeks, big
rocks, etc., our students generally find plenty of things to do.


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