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Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:06:31 -0800

    How did your meeting go?
Los Angeles, California

CindyK wrote:

> I am in amazment at the founders of Sudbury Valley School. What a
> vision! Thank you all so much for such a wonderful example. I just
> got my two books that I had ordered. I checked the mail at 8pm last
> night and they were there! I devoured Free At Last. I stayed up till
> midnight to finish it. It was absolutely brilliant. I can't wait to
> start on Kingdom of Childhood today. From reading the books it seems
> like Sudbury Valley is even more incredible than I had ever imagined.
> The more I read (and I devour all reading material like the Tasmanian
> Devil!) the more I just love the school. I don't know how anyone
> could not want a school like this. I am even more determined to get a
> school going here in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. I have my first public
> information meeting this Saturday and I am pumped with all the info.
> I hope to raise the $650 cnd it's going to cost to get the start up
> kit. I think that having a country setting with the possibility for
> children to roam a little is essential to the school. I would love to
> find a place with lots of room, full of waiting adventures. Sudbury
> is quite sprawled out and it may mean a big travelling distance for
> the kids. Is it worth the risk of having people be turned away by the
> distance. I just can't imagine a school being quite as effective with
> no space for the kids to explore. For those of you with schools, do
> you find that the country setting lures them or sends them away? Are
> there any schools with no space for the kids and how well have they
> done? Thanks again!CindyK

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