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Malc (
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 21:15:23 +0000

thanks for taking the time out to reply to my somewhat flippant remarks. My
opinion on world leaders is jaded I admit. I have yet to come across one
that is not a corrupt megalomaniac. They are just varying degrees of
rotten. This planet is really wall to wall garbage thanks in the main to
politics and the cunning idiots who for some strange reason get voted in
(or appear to) to do the job.

It could well be that the incarcerated politician is a better being on
emergence, but it is a pity that there little evidence of it benefiting the
rest of us. I do however think it a splendid idea to send all politicians
to prison, most of them should be there anyway, and if they like it, well
they can stay on.

My comment on a Sudbury Prison was serious. If prisons were styled on the
Sudbury model they might just achieve something for the enormous amount of
money they cost the taxpayer, instead of being concrete islands of misery.
I only know one person who has been in prison, for possession of 5 grams of
cannabis. He got 2 years and was out after 18 months in one of London's
Gothic relics of Victoriana. I picked him up from the gates. But then
dropped him off again at the next corner because all he wanted me to do was
to drive him some shady nook in suburbia so he could retrieve buried cash
his cell mate had told him about. They were going to split it of course.
Great education. I haven't seen him since, no doubt he is back in some cozy
cell. Prison seems to have this effect on people. Great place for
politicians though - everyone knows where they are - none of this democracy
rubish eh!

Has the USA achieved its 1,000,000 prisoner mark yet? It must be getting
close. I saw a movie where Manhattan was just a prison. No wardens or
anything, you just got dropped off there and were left to get on with it.

Mandella... What's he up to these days? (Or is he dead?)

Why, btw, do you refer to Sudbury as Sudsbury? Am I missing a joke! Or have
I got it wrong?


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