RE: DSM: Re: Subtle Coercion?

Melissa Tyson (
Mon, 08 Jan 2001 19:03:08 -0000

But that's why I don't agree with you. If I value reading for some reason
she has been unable to think of and if I fail to express this to her I am
lax and dishonest in that I have withheld a heartfelt opinion from my
friend. If I try to force her to read that's another thing, but giving her
my honest assessment, that I think she's missing out and might like to give
it a try is not what I consider a violation of her will, student or
otherwise. She doesn't have to read just because I said so. Her freedom
lies in being able to turn it down. This was the orginal point.

>From: "Joe Jackson" <>

> > I would like to hear more about your view of this as an inappropriate
> > staff - student interaction. It sounds perfectly reasonable to
> > me.
>I think it would be solidly in the gray area if she had not used the
>"she has little interest in reading." If a student says that it's a Prima
>Facie statement of the student's volition.

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