DSM: Re: laws

John Axtell (newlife@theofficenet.com)
Sat, 06 Jan 2001 18:18:53 -0800


Could you elaborate on just why and how, in the very first meeting the subject
of "laws" came up. Does it seem students feel totally lost without laws or a
way to control others ? Did a high school age student bring it up, a grade
schooler looking for limits or what ?

I keep trying to understand the balance that there seems to be in the SV model
of self determination and the desire for laws and the ability for the majority
to impose their will on the minority.

Does any SV model have a constitution and a "bill of rights" that can not be
violated or is anything fair game ?

You said the laws were passed "one by one". Were the laws passed in response to
an offense that could not be worked out between students or were the laws
passed prior to being needed ?

John Axtell

Joe Jackson wrote: However we did go into

> operation without a judicial system or lawbook. Our inital School Meeting
> on September 23, 1998 (which was attended by virtually _all_ students and
> staff) voted to adopt a Judicial Committee modeled closely to SVS's, and
> voted in laws one by one.

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