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Dawn F. Harkness (
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 07:46:11 -0500

In (most) Sudbury model schools, school meeting members (the majority of
whom are students) elect the staff each year. Therefore, they have the best
adult 'role models', from their point of view, from the available pool. We
may each have our own idea of the perfect role model. However, like it or
not, we don't get to apply our litmus test(s) to determine who gets to be

Dawn Harkness

>Mimsy seems to agree that our adult models are very important influences.
>Does SVS accomplish this important influence? From the student, "I think
>99% of what you learn, you learn from the other kids..." 1% is not much.
>When I was a kid I too loved to relate with other kids. That is where there
>was freedom and creativity. My lack of interest in adults was because they
>presented themselves as stiff and judgemental and fearful. I still see this
>and resent it. I look for people to relate with who are fun, adventerous,
>courageous, inventive and loving. I look for people of exceptional quality
>who have developed their sense of self and skills in expressing that self.
>Dearly do I want these models in my life. With all my heart I want to
>on levels above the status quo fear and resentment and limitation. It is a
>good thing to see what is as lacking, for only then does the possibility of
>choice open for something more. With possibility opened, models can step in
>to create other realities. We can begin by being those models for each

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