Re: DSM: Education/Science

Kristin Harkness (
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 13:18:40 -0500

This is beyond discussion; it is a personal attack. Dawn has great respect
for others, and for the truth. She calls it like she sees it. As an
attorney who represents kids who are guilty of nothing more than being a
certain age, often at no charge, she lives what she believes. When you
attack the person instead of challenging the ideas expressed, we all lose.

Kristin Harkness

>That you took all the time to prove your "rightness"
>is absolutely sickening to me. Are you actually a
>Sudbury advocate? You have little to no respect for
>other people. My hope is that you respect children
>more than you respect adults.
>I believe you "did" take that quote out of context to
>suit your needs.

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