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Joe Jackson (
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 11:21:53 -0500

Bill & Stephanie,

I'm a little confused by this idea that the participants on this listserve
OR the students in a SM school shouldn't or don't discuss, debate, persuade,
attack, defend, agree with or disagree with ideas.

Whether or not this takes place is entirely exclusive of whether people are
free, and IMO those who are offended by differences in opinion simply are
coming from a place where conflict and confrontation were avoided.

I guess I'm saying that I'm bewildered that there is a perception that
disagreement and subsequent discussion is outside of the model, that the
freedom to debate on this listserve is less sacred than the freedom to
concur, and especially by the idea that "freedom" is analogous or comparable
to "debate" (e.g. the statement "I know that [freedom] is a much much bigger
thing than being right.").

I suggest that those of us are offended by discussion *per se* will most
likely find it on the _DISCUSS_ Sudbury Model listserve.

-Joe Jackson

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> > Dear Dawn,
> >
> > Thank you for your wonderful post. It is thorough
> > and descriptive and
> > passionate. And your analysis is brilliant and you
> > are of course competely
> > right. And if way down deep in the bottom guts of
> > Sudbury Valley there were a
> > child screaming to be right, it would be useful.
> > But, as it happens, way
> > down deep in the bottom guts of Sudbury Valley,
> > there is a child screaming to
> > be free. Please stay with just this one notion.
> > Watch and see. That child
> > will use the deep and profound regard that is
> > offered by Sudbury Valley, not
> > to become right, but to become free. I do not know
> > all the things that
> > freedom is, but I know that it is a much much
> > bigger thing than being right.
> > Let us all, founders parents and staff, be condemned
> > to be right, till we can
> > smell it for ourselves. Freedom.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Bill Richardson
> Bill,
> Here Here! I've heard you and Kathleen bring this up
> before, but haven't understood it until now. I have
> had hundreds of teachers who live to be "right." It's
> taken a lot from from me. But as I read the posts on
> this site, I find little difference between them and
> the teachers I'm with now. Many crave to be "right",
> "smart", "educated". Save your time people. We kids
> don't want right or smart or educated. We want
> "free". We want respect. It would be even better if
> you could practice that amongst yourselves on this
> site(First time I've chewed adults out. It feels
> gooooood!) Thank you for keeping your eye on the ball
> for all of us Bill.
> Not right,
> Steph
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