Re: DSM: Education/Science
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 01:28:52 EST

Dear Dawn,

Thank you for your wonderful post. It is thorough and descriptive and
passionate. And your analysis is brilliant and you are of course competely
right. And if way down deep in the bottom guts of Sudbury Valley there were a
child screaming to be right, it would be useful. But, as it happens, way
down deep in the bottom guts of Sudbury Valley, there is a child screaming to
be free. Please stay with just this one notion. Watch and see. That child
will use the deep and profound regard that is offered by Sudbury Valley, not
to become right, but to become free. I do not know all the things that
freedom is, but I know that it is a much much bigger thing than being right.
Let us all, founders parents and staff, be condemned to be right, till we can
smell it for ourselves. Freedom.

Bill Richardson

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