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Alan Klein (Alan@klein.net)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 22:40:40 -0500


Schools can be (and have been) founded which look a lot like SVS in the important dimensions, but either don't know about or choose not to affiliate with SVS. In 1981, Candy and Steve Landvoigt and I founded The Highland School. Although SVS had been in existence for 14 years, we had no knowledge of it. When I read an article by Scott David Gray's father (Peter) about the school I immediately contacted Peter and Scott and began long, wonderful dialogues with them. We never saw ourselves as a "Sudbury Model" school, but rather a fellow democratic school.

Perhaps the school you mention falls into that category.

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  From: Jeanne Pickering
   We may have the opportunity to move to an area that has a school that, as far as I can tell (and I am definitely looking from afar at this point), has the characteristics of a Sudbury model school. Yet the school is mentioned on none of the links lists of any of the other Sudbury model schools.
  The school is the Second Foundation School in Minneapolis, http://www.sfs.pvt.k12.mn.us.
  From the web site, it seems that there is no curriculum and there is a weekly school meeting attended by staff and students where some sort of democratic decision making goes on. There's no mention of a JC but such problems might be handled at weekly meeting, I suppose.
  So, my question would be: why is this school not aligned (at least publicly) with any of the Sudbury-model schools? Is there some conflict with the Sudbury model that isn't visible on the web site? If there isn't, does it really matter (to the students and parents) if there's no alignment with other Sudbury schools?

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