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Are people willing to describe adult-student interactions on this site? Have
they already? These could be interesting, heart-warming stories.


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>> Does SVS offer aloof models or empathetic adult models? Clearly, the big box
>> of liturature I got from SVS - what I have read of it - indicates the
>> aloofness of adults' relationship to students, except that visitors are
>> spoken to as equals. Daily student-created activities are children
>> interactng with children with adults rarely included. Exceptions may be
>> cooking and the Judicial Committee.
> I don't know how you got the impression that interactions between adults and
> children are 'aloof', unless you mean 'respectful', somehow. I would describe
> relations between adults and kids at a Sudbury school as 'individual' or
> 'unique': some are touch and giggle and laugh, others are serious talk, and
> everything in between and changing over time. Like real life between friends
> of varying degrees of closeness - what one would expect when associations are
> free.
> You can't institutionalize interpersonal relationships without serious damage
> to the relationships.
> Joseph Moore

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