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Wed, 13 Dec 2000 01:09:42 -0800

According to Pearce and the many studies he has researched, values cannot be
taught, they are always modeled. And there is no choice but that children
will adopt what is modeled. Hopefully they have some choice regarding
models. The model society presents I call "status quo". It is meant as a
derogatory remark. I see society as modeling lack of connection with one's
heart and higher mind, functioning via competitiveness and selfishness
rather than cooperation and creativity, promoting violent thinking rather
than empathy as means to self-establishment. To survive in such an upside
down values-culture we silently bow to the gods of ignorance and projection
in lieu of honesty and responsibility. I would strongly consider leaving
everything to go be in a right-side up community. I anticipate a joy that is


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> Robert,
> I would also not send my child to the school you describe. I don't have to
> teach my children values, I just have to live them. My children may or may
> not adopt some of mine. That will be there choice.
> One of the reasons I chose a Sudbury school was that it was a model that had
> survived since the sixties. In the seventies lots of schools inspired by
> Summerhill sprang up everywhere. Those schools did not survive, this one
> did.
> Evelyn

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