Re: DSM: Simple solution

Mike Sadofsky (
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 10:12:39 -0500

JJ has presented a pretty thorough response that supports my
rationale for NOT engaging in this thread.

Joe Jackson wrote:
> > Yes, it is belief. If I had done the scientific experiments myself or had
> > followed the studies for something like 25 years as Pearce has,
> Pearce's beliefs are just beliefs, too, Robert.
> > then I could
> > say I have experience, not just belief.
> They would still just be beliefs. They would be beliefs supported by
> experience, but still just beliefs. When you get so tied to beliefs that
> you go on a listserve and suggest extravagant adjustments to the Sudbury
> Model and then rail about the unwillingness of schools to try them while
> they're trying to explain to you why it would violate the model, that's when
> it's time to realize my and your and Pearce's beliefs are just beliefs.

remainder snipped

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