Re: DSM: Another List?

John Axtell (
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 10:58:09 -0800


I asked this question of one other person but I would like your input also.

I would assume that one does not need all of the material in the school starter
kit once the school is up and running. Could one not borrow the kit for a month
and join the second group and move forward if it looked like the vision could
take place after really understanding the initial problems involved rather than
spending $ 400 and then finding out that there is no way to financially, or
politically, pulling of the start of one more private school in the area?

Thanks for the input.

JOhn Axtell wrote:

> To CindyK
> >From Mimsy
> There is a list for people who are staff members in Sudbury schools or coming
> along in the process of starting them. The acid test that we (at Sudbury
> Valley) use for deciding who is in the second group is that the person(s)
> must have purchased a School Planning Kit from the school. Have you? If you
> did, it should include instructions about joining the list.

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