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Sat, 9 Dec 2000 23:42:38 -0500


I was not part of that decision and I don't really know anything about it;
however, had I been, my attitudes on whether the school was too crowded
would be based on my feelings and experiences at the school, not on anyone's
theories of how much space people need.

I don't really find that a guide such as science is necessary to tell us
things like this that we can't help but already know...


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> > I don't believe "science"
> > is a card we should play when it comes to deciding what
> environment is best
> > for our kids.
> Joe,
> How about the social science that theorizes human beings need a
> particular
> amount of space in which to feel comfortable? Is that not
> useful? Didn't
> Fairhaven decrease their enrollement cap to 40 students? I
> assume that was
> done for a reason.
> There are many parts to an environment. Science is one of those
> parts, be it
> physical, social or otherwise.

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