Re: DSM: Education/Science

Rayner Garner (
Sat, 09 Dec 2000 15:47:25 -0800

Doesn't that depend on the culture that we were reared in?
I shared a very small indoor air raid shelter in my formative
years. I am very content with quite a large number of people
sleeping very cramped together. My wife who was raised in a
large capacious house and own bedroom is always complaining
that "I need my space!" when visitors come and stay for protracted
periods. I on the other hand love visitors staying.

Pacific Island, Asian and Arabic cultures to name just a few are
also tolerant of intimacy and closeness. In so many instances I
find "scientific research" is very culterally specific without
cross cultural studies mentioned, that show how a particular behavior
may be not so in other cultures.
Rayner wrote:

> How about the social science that theorizes human beings need a particular
> amount of space in which to feel comfortable? Is that not useful? Didn't
> Fairhaven decrease their enrollement cap to 40 students? I assume that was
> done for a reason.
> There are many parts to an environment. Science is one of those parts, be it
> physical, social or otherwise.

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